If You Want to Publish a Thesis

If You Want to Publish a Thesis
If You Want to Publish a Thesis
Usually, after completing their work, a lot of students decide to publish a thesis. I think this is the best option when a student finishes writing his/her big scientific work. If students publish a thesis, they get numerous advantages that will definitely help in the future.

For instance, if you want to carry on your academic career, you should definitely have some works published. This means you are a true scholar who is known in
the academic world.

If you publish your thesis, it is not only you who can benefit from it. If you were working really hard on your thesis, you should have made some important discoveries, which are able to help some people.

So, do not put off and start preparing to publish your thesis. We just want to tell you some facts about this process.
- Usually, it is ProQuest/Umi that will publish a thesis and keep it in the database. ProQuest is the most famous and large dissertation and thesis database. Some universities may even require their students to publish a thesis and submit it to ProQuest.
- If a student wants to publish a thesis, he/she has two options for doing it: open access and traditional publishing.
- If a student decides to publish a thesis for the open access, his/her work will be available for everybody who uses the Internet. This thesis can be viewed and downloaded for free.
- What is going to happen if you publish a thesis according to the traditional publishing model? This means that your work will be published, distributed and the copies will be sold. You, as the author, will get a certain sum of money from the general revenues.

These are two options for those who want to publish a thesis.
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