Dissertation Research Methods

Dissertation Research Methods
Dissertation Research Methods
You should realize that the basis of a perfect dissertation is profound and properly organized research. Dissertation research should be planned beforehand. You have to think about the appropriate methods for your dissertation research. You have to be sure that these methods will give you necessary results.

However, planning dissertation is not that easy. First of all, you should clearly state the goals. In your mind you should have a vivid image of what you need to do. Thus, you will be able to think of those methods and techniques of your dissertation research that will lead you to the needed results.

In this article we would like to tell you about several methods of dissertation research. One of them should definitely fit you. This will depend on the discipline and on research itself.
- General method. This is the very beginning of your dissertation research and this method will fit everybody. You just need to collect information, analyze and evaluate it.
- One of the most popular methods of dissertation research is case studies. This method allows you to get the essence of a certain problem via examples or cases.
- Interviewing is also a rather reliable and helpful method of dissertation research. It allows studying the problem from various sides, since you can make up different questions concerning one problem.
- Depending on the discipline you are writing your dissertation in, a visual method of dissertation research can be useful. This method fits best those dissertations written in social sciences. In a few words, images can help you come across some interesting interpretations that you will use for a dissertation.

I am sure that among these methods of dissertation research you will choose the most suitable one for yourself, which will help you conduct your research.
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