How I Wrote My Dissertation

How I Wrote My Dissertation
How I Wrote My Dissertation
It is a well-known fact that people memorize something better if they are given an example. That is why I decided to tell you about my personal experience in dissertation writing. So, I guess, it will be rather useful for you to know how I wrote my dissertation.
1. I started work on my dissertation with choosing a topic. After I had checked back the books of my university library, I suddenly got an idea of what to write about. Why not to use a cross-disciplinary topic for my dissertation? So, as I was fond of History, ancient Egypt in particular, I decided to join 2 studies together: Theosophy and History. You may ask me why I chose these 2 studies. Well, there are a few experts in Theosophy that might reject my viewpoint. So, it was rather a good way out;
2. Of course, my dissertation needed certain information to be considered and analyzed. So, I found different books on ancient Egypt presenting the latest discoveries in this field and some books on Theosophy;
3. No doubts, my dissertation needed a thesis statement or a research question. So, a research question of my dissertation sounded like Can the secret of ancient Egypt culture be deciphered by means of logics only or it may be disclosed only within the field of mysticism? Can you imagine the interest of my supervisor towards the topic of my dissertation?!
4. I was really involved into work. History and Mysticism…What can be more interesting to investigate?! Of course, I was motivated to write my dissertation by a great desire to make a real discovery. So, I did;
5. The final pieces of work lied in structuring and formatting my dissertation. As a result, my job was really appreciated.
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