Thesis Online: Useful or not?

Thesis Online: Useful or not?
Thesis Online: Useful or not?
To buy or not to buy? – That is the question when we talk about a thesis online. Of course, the question about the usefulness of a thesis online is a rather debatable one. Someone may say that a thesis online is harmful, since it blocks your personal thinking, promotes the degradation of personality. On the other hand, if students had several hands, heads and minds, thesis writing would not be that challenging. This is one of the major reasons for why students make use of online theses.

Talking about the usefulness and disutility of an online thesis, we cannot but consider its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of a thesis online can be presented as follows:
- Thesis online saves time needed for spending on research, analysis and writing;
- Thesis online can be a source of good ideas that you may include into your own thesis;
- Thesis online can be a model of a thesis format and structure;
- Thesis online can be a source of information that can enlarge your scope.

On the other hand, online theses have lots of disadvantages:
- Online thesis does not always correspond to the main requirements for your thesis;
- Online thesis really causes personal degradation, since you do not analyze and synthesize information by yourself;
- Online thesis can sometimes be of poor quality. So, if you hand such thesis without any changes, you can get into real troubles;
- Online thesis is sometimes plagiarized. Hardly would you like to be caught on a hook for plagiarism in your paper. So, why not to check the paper on plagiarism and only after it hand it in?

As far as you see, online thesis can be useful but harmful at one and the same time. BUT! If you know how to use it and have no time for making your own thesis, you MAY use an online thesis.
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