The Necessity of Research Editing

The Necessity of Research Editing
The Necessity of Research Editing
When only learning the first writing steps, we somehow leave out one important part of writing – and that is research editing. You can consider your assignment done not the moment you put the last dot to it, but the moment you finish revising the last word. Even if you have a feeling for the text and do not experience any difficulties in research writing, research editing still stays a definite “must to”.

The procedure of research editing should not be done right after finishing your writing. On the contrary, your brains have to focus on something else (or stop focusing at all) for some time, and only then you should come back to research editing.
1. The first thing you should pay attention to while research editing is whether your writing has the central idea in it. It sometimes happens the clumsiest way: the only thing you have an idea in is the title. To avoid this, be thorough and check out the idea during your research editing.
2. Your writing is not only about correct facts and data. It is about the content. After all, the text will be read by the teacher, not a computer. This is why, while doing research editing, keep track of the sense. Your writing has to be easily tracked down from one idea to another.
3. Make sure all the important parts of the text are written, and written correctly. When doing research editing, check that there are transitions that move the reader smoothly between different parts of the paper.
4. Do not try to finish your research editing quickly. Be honest and do not skip between the paragraphs trying to be done fast. The results of your lazy research editing will be reflected in the overall grade.
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