Making a Good Research Paper Presentation

Making a Good Research Paper Presentation
Making a Good Research Paper Presentation
A research paper presentation consists of several important parts. They are: your voice management, gestures, posture, the content of your research paper, and much more. Only a few students manage to make a good research paper presentation from the first try. Others rehearse patiently at home, in front of the mirror. There are also those who failed the first time and after that decided they will never be good at their research paper presentation. We hope that after our remarks you will quit the rows of uncertain students and become a genius of a research paper presentation.
1. Choose only the most important facts from your work for a research paper presentation. Too many details that sound the same will lessen your audience’s interest. On the other hand, plain text without interesting remarks and peculiar information will not serve well for your research paper presentation as well.
2. A research paper presentation does not mean you should stand still, like in the army. The more you walk around, freely moving around, the more relaxed and certain in your research paper presentation you should feel.
3. Address the audience and concrete people during your research paper presentation. Do not just stare at the wall and mumble something quietly. Look into the eyes of the listeners, but try to switch attention evenly between them all. Everyone should get a part of your research paper presentation.
4. Work on your gestures. They have to be broad, with the palms up. If you address someone during your research paper presentation, you can stretch the hand toward him/her to demonstrate something.
5. Finally, work on the voice and diction. Do not try to say everything as quickly as possible to be done with your research paper presentation. Take your time, but use it wisely.
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