Common Dissertation Proposal Mistakes

Common Dissertation Proposal Mistakes
Common Dissertation Proposal Mistakes
Dissertation proposal is a short summary of your future paper. In spite of the fact that the length of a dissertation proposal is rather short, students make numerous mistakes writing this paper. Let us talk about some of the most common dissertation proposal mistakes:

Dissertation proposals mistake 1: students make this paper too long, thinking that their dissertation proposal and dissertation itself is something very similar. However, the length of a dissertation proposal should be no more than 5 -7 pages.

Dissertation proposal mistake 2: the majority of students forget to focus on the most important sections of a dissertation proposal – writing the aims and objectives of their future research, description of the instruments and methodology that they are going to use, justification of the necessity of studying this particular issue.

Dissertation proposal mistake 3: neglecting some stages of prewriting is another problem. Students are too lazy or busy to go to the library and go through available materials in order to get a better idea of what to write about. What they do is simply use whatever they find on the Internet- any information with no reputable references.

Dissertation proposal mistake 4: your dissertation proposals are a rough draft of the paper, but still, it should be proofread. So, this is recommended to review your rough draft at least two times.

Dissertation proposal mistake 5: the final stage of submitting your dissertation proposal is to defend it in front of the dissertation committee. This is when all your mistakes will become clear. Experienced examiners will notice each violation, asking you to revise your dissertation proposal or even write a new one.

Dissertation proposal is about the quality of what you write about, not the quantity of the pages.
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