English Media Coursework

English Media Coursework
English Media Coursework
I think nobody will argue that the role of media in the modern world is overwhelming. Media is not only the way to provide people with information. Today, many scientists regard media as a way of manipulating public opinion. By means of media it is very easy to impose different points of view and in general it is a perfect opportunity for the governments to control people and their minds.

Only think about it. People are watching TV, reading newspapers and get particular information. A few will think whether this information is true. I mean, not many people will sort out that some events are introduced from a certain viewpoint, from a viewpoint that is convenient for somebody.

That is why your English media courseworks can be discovering the truth of English media. The reality of mass media can be a great topic for your English media coursework. Try to investigate the level of truth in English media. For instance, you can take some big events for your English media coursework and study the way they were highlighted in several English newspapers and TV channels. Then you can compare these materials with the same materials in the newspapers and TV channels of the United States and some other countries. Thus, you will see the level of impartiality right away.

If you do not want to be lost in the labyrinth of English media while writing your English media coursework, you can think of a simpler topic. Just choose among English television, radio and print.
- English media coursework on British television. Here you can tell about the main TV channels of Britain. There are two public TV companies, the BBC and Channel 4 and two commercial companies – ITV and Five. In your English media coursework you can study their main programs, their target audience and the level of popularity in the country.
- Radio is another topic for your English media coursework. There are more than a hundred radio stations in the United Kingdom, so here you will also have what to tell about.
- If you choose a print as a topic of your English media courseworks, you will have to work hard. There are many famous newspapers and magazines in the United Kingdom and it will be really difficult to estimate properly all of them. That is why it is better to choose one or two and make good research on them.

Actually, English media coursework is not the easiest one. You should be able to think independently to write it.
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