5 Excuses Not to Write a Dissertation

5 Excuses Not to Write a Dissertation
5 Excuses Not to Write a Dissertation
If you are looking for a good excuse, which can help you avoid writing a dissertation, pay your attention to the information presented in this article.

Of course, it seems easy to find an excuse and not to write a dissertation at all. Well, you should know that the dissertation writing process is of high importance and you should have strong points, which you may use in order to excuse!

Since my goal is to make your student life easier, I suggest you some good excuses that might help you avoid writing your dissertation.

You know that you have no time for writing a good dissertation, so you try to find an interesting excuse… Why not tell your tutor that you work hard and you have absolutely no time to present your dissertation on time. And since you want to present a high quality project, you cannot spoil such work as dissertation writing, and it will be better for you to pass an exam (orally).

You know that dissertations should be long and present valuable and reliable information. You are not sure that you can find interesting facts for your work. You are looking for one more excuse… So, here it is! You may tell your tutor that this year you have one more extra subject to pass. You should spend a lot of time in order to learn it. Writing a dissertation may disturb you and you will fail the class.

You know that you are absolutely not ready for writing your dissertation. You do not want to tell your tutor that the level of your background knowledge is not enough. You want to get your degree without writing a dissertation. You need an excuse. Well, you may tell your dissertation tutor that this year your parents want you to go through a complete medical checkup. It will be very difficult to combine your health problems with your dissertation writing problems. If your tutor is a kind person, he\she should understand the problem.

You know that your dissertation should be presented following a certain structure and should meet all the necessary requirements. You try to concentrate on the assignment, but it is difficult. So, tell your tutor that your writing abilities cannot express the level of your knowledge, but you still want to get your degree. So, you may demonstrate your skills at your oral exam. In this case you should have great communicative skills, which will help you tell not only the truth, but lie a bit.

You know that this year will be the last year of your student careless life. You want to spend it as you want. Writing a dissertation is not what you really want. So, you understand it and try to talk about this with your tutor. One of the best excuses, which you may tell, is that you will write another dissertation project on the other subject. It will be a lie, but you should be able to hide it (hope the professors, teaching these subjects, will not meet each other). Of course, you should think about possible consequences, but maybe only this thing can help you not to write a dissertation.
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