Dissertation Presentation

Dissertation Presentation
Dissertation Presentation
Dissertation presentation is one of the most scaring stages of preparing a dissertation. Those who do not possess oratory can easily fail. Only the strongest and the most goal-seeking survive. That is why a piece of advice on how to overcome the fear of giving a speech can be very useful if you are preparing your dissertation presentation.
- Learn to talk to the point. Nobody needs a superior number of details you provide. What you are expected to present at your dissertation presentation is the main issues of your research conducted and the conclusion drawn. There is an old proverb saying “Only wise men keep silent”. Rather truthful expression, isn’t it? So, your purpose at the dissertation presentation is to find the words that would impress the committee;
- Learn to sound confident. There are a huge number of books on Psychology giving advice on how to be confident. Their main principle is to use auto-training exercises. In the process of communication people should keep direct contact. Your dissertation presentation is not an exception. Look directly into the eyes of the committee members and thus, show that you are sure in what you are saying at your dissertation presentation;
- Learn to be artistic. Dissertation presentation is a kind of performance, where you are playing the main part. If you want to impress your audience, you should play your part impressively and emotionally. Of course, you should not be too emotional at your dissertation presentation, but at least, you should follow the “script of your performance”. If, according to the script, you have to convince the committee in the significance of your discovery, do it.

In addition, when people think of failure, they fail. If you do not want to fail, think of success only. Good luck with your dissertation presentation!
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