Types of Research Paper

Types of Research Paper
Types of Research Paper
Research paper is a piece of writing that aims to investigate a certain problem in a certain research area. To write a good research paper, you should know the main requirements for it and apply all efforts to satisfy them. But actually, it is not the point of our article. What we are going to consider is the main types of research papers.

First of all, we will consider 2 generally accepted types of research paper, and then we will discuss what types of research paper exist in students’ mind.

Types of research paper: Argumentative

This type of research paper is close to a persuasive paper. Here you should give your argumentation to the thesis statement made by you. Of course, you will be expected to provide evidences to support your thesis statement;

Types of research paper: Analytical

This type of research paper implies that you will determine a debatable issue on the basis of what is already proved by researchers. In comparison with an argumentative research paper, here you should analyze the researchers’ points of view, what they say, why they think so, etc.

Now, let us dwell upon the students’ classification of research papers:

Types of research paper: Bona Fide

This type of research paper is usually made by a specky boy/girl, whose language bears no resemblance with the spoken English, since it is full of terms and professional jargons. The students who make this type of research paper are usually the objects of social hatred, though they are very clever;

Types of research paper: Free Lunch

This type of research paper is made by real students, who are aware of online or custom writing services. No wonder they call it a free lunch.
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