Term Paper Format

Term Paper Format
Term Paper Format
A good term paper is a paper that is properly structured and perfectly formatted. If a term paper format is incorrect, the grade might be lowered. If you do not want your grade to be low because of the wrong term paper format only, you should get to know what format your term paper should be written in.

The most widely used term paper formats are: Harvard, Modern Language Association style and American Psychological Association style. Let us consider each of them:
- MLA term paper format. MLA term paper format requires a paper to be done on a white paper using Times New Roman font. The text should be single-spaced, 1 inch margins on all sides. One of the most essential peculiarities of MLA term paper format is that the header is placed in the right upper hand corner of the title page, the reference page presents the list of sources, alphabetized by the authors’ last names;
- APA term paper format. The most important headings of the APA format term papers are placed in the centre of the page. The page numbers of an APA format term paper are placed in the right upper corner of the page. It is necessary to place an abstract of your APA format term paper on a separate page. The size of the abstract should be 75-100 words;
- Harvard term paper format. The most peculiar feature of a Harvard format term paper is that the lines including quotations receive a certain indicator number. It should correspond to the number of the source given in the reference page of your Harvard format term paper.

These are the most commonly used term paper formats. However, sometimes a tutor can give his/her own recommendations as for the format of your term paper.
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