MLA Style Research Paper

MLA Style Research Paper
MLA Style Research Paper
Does MLA formatting cause you troubles? Do not you know the main rules of MLA style research paper formatting? Do not worry, since we are coming to the rescue. Why you should choose this very article as a guide is because here you will find everything you will need for writing your MLA style research paper.
- MLA style research papers should be typed on a white 8.5×11 inch sheet of paper;
- MLA style research paper text should be single-spaced using a legible font, like Times New Roman;
- MLA style research paper margins should be 1 inch on all sides;
- MLA style research paper headings should be typed in bold, italics and placed in the centre of the page. If you want to put an accent on any idea or thought, you may also mark it;
- MLA style research paper foot/endnotes should be placed on a separate page;
- MLA style research paper header should have the page number and should be placed in the upper right hand corner of the title page;
- MLA style research paper requires parenthetical documentation to be placed in the Body. It should refer to the entries in the list of sources;
- MLA style research paper requires the citation of the sources to which the paper refers, but not every source examined;
- MLA style research paper references should present a list of used sources in alphabetic order. Alphabetize them by the last names of the authors. If the sources are anonymous, alphabetize them by the titles;
- MLA style research paper entries should include: author’s names, full titles of their works, publisher, place of publication, volume and inclusive page numbers.

Remember that MLA style research papers implies keeping to all the rules listed above. Breaking at least one of them can cause pulling down your grade.
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