MA Dissertation

MA Dissertation
MA Dissertation
My congratulations! You are going to write the MA dissertation. You have already achieved a high level of education and you are ready to prove this by writing the MA dissertation. Do not grow very proud and fly in the face of Providence, you should work hard on your MA dissertation, because it is not as easy as you may think.

Your MA dissertation should be in full keeping with the existing norms of writing the MA dissertation.

It should include:
- The title page;
- The abstract (about 300 words long), in order to grasp the main purpose of your MA dissertations;
- 3-4 keywords, in order to find your work in the resource room as fast as possible;
- The required order of your MA dissertation chapters;
- The titles of headings;
- The complete list of references.

Bear in mind that the MA dissertation should be 15.000-20.000 words in length, not more. More over the MA dissertation is to be bound.

As far as the content of your MA dissertation is concerned, it should be up-to-date: that is you are supposed to make a certain contribution to the science. If possible, you may write it in such a way, so that it could be published in a magazine as a scientific article. That is why the choice of the topic of your MA dissertation is very important for you, since an interesting and original research will be the result of good MA dissertations.

Pay special attention to the fact that you are welcome to resort to the help of your supervisor. Do not be very self-confident, because he/she can certainly give you a good advice.

Start thinking over your MA dissertation as early as possible and make a plan of how to realize it.
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