What is a Term Paper Indeed?

What is a Term Paper Indeed?
What is a Term Paper Indeed?
Many students do not understand why they should write their term papers if there are hundreds of another ways to check knowledge of the material learnt. What is, actually, a term paper? We will present you several interpretations of what a term paper is in fact.

What is a term paper: Tutors’ Interpretation

Teachers define a term paper as an investigation of students’ knowledge obtained during the academic term study. Ask your tutor a question “What is a term paper”, and he/she will answer, “A term paper is a piece of written assignment that aims to investigate a certain issue within a certain study area”. When hearing this answer, students start worrying about their research abilities. What students actually lay account for is an opportunity to cheat on their term papers.

What is a term paper: Middle School Students’ Interpretation

If you ask a Middle School student about what a term paper is, you will certainly get the answer close to the one provided by the tutors. Why? Because at the age of 12 students usually take their tutor as a leader to rely on.

What is a term paper: High School Students’ Interpretation

High School students are already mature enough to look at the world around them with their own eyes. They realize impossibility of reproducing all the materials learnt, since they know nothing. Ask them what a term paper is, and you will hear the answer that sounds like “A term paper is a paper that is impossible to make perfectly without cheating”.

What is a term paper: University Students’ Interpretation

University students are so overloaded by the tasks assigned, that a term paper for them is just a simple waste of their precious time they might spend on “more essential business”.

No matter what interpretations you will hear, a term paper is a very useful piece of work that enlarges your scope a lot and develops your writing skills and critical thought.
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