Dissertation Structure: Necessary Dissertation Chapters

Dissertation Structure: Necessary Dissertation Chapters
Dissertation Structure: Necessary Dissertation Chapters
Your dissertation writing takes a very important place, since here you should demonstrate your best qualities! You should be smart and attentive enough and know all the rules of writing a good piece of work!

When we are talking about the structure of a dissertation, we mean a certain number of dissertation chapters, which should be included. This article will help you find out more about dissertation chapters and their peculiarities. Frankly speaking, any good dissertation should include, at least, eight well performed dissertation chapters! It will make your work complete. So, it is high time to write about these dissertation chapters. In order to make it more interesting for you, I have made up my mind to play a game with you.

I will give you the definitions of certain dissertation chapters, and you should guess what dissertation chapter I am talking about. Of course, at the end of each paragraph you will find the answers (the dissertation chapter meant). If you guess what dissertation chapter I mean, you may be sure that you are ready for writing a dissertation. So, let me start!

1. This dissertation chapter should run your dissertation. It is a brief summary of your work (approximately 500 words). You should not write a lot in this dissertation chapter. This dissertation chapter may be even presented separately form your dissertation, since it presents all main points of your work. Do not make it detailed. This dissertation chapter will show how you can express your ideas in a very short way.

2. I hope you understand that this dissertation chapter is a dissertation abstract).The next dissertation chapter is worth 10% of your project. In this dissertation chapter you give a chance to your readers to get to know the general idea of your work. You should introduce the topic to your readers and explain why you think that it is interesting and up to the point. You should also write about your purposes in this part.

I think it was not very difficult to guess that this offered dissertation chapter is an introduction!!

3. The following dissertation chapter, which is under our consideration, is worth 20%! It is more expensive, and that is why more significant. This dissertation chapter gives you a chance to prove that you have been working hard: you studied a lot of works, analyzed the received information and made necessary conclusions. You should not make a list of sources you used. You should concentrate only on the ideas, which were presented in those sources. It is much more difficult, but it is your assignment. In this dissertation chapter you should demonstrate your logical thinking abilities.The dissertation chapter under our analysis is a literature review!

4. You should pay attention to this dissertation chapter, since it is connected to the very research, which you should conduct for your project. In this dissertation chapter you have to describe your researching program and strategies. If you make a mistake in this dissertation chapter, you may put under a threat the rest of your dissertation.Such an important dissertation chapter is called a research methodology. Hope, you have guessed!

5. This dissertation chapter is the largest part of your dissertation. It will be 30% of your project, since here you should present your research findings and analyze them. It is very important to be theoretically and practically prepared as well. The dissertation chapter shows the process of your work.I am talking about such an important dissertation chapter as the main body!

6. 15% of your work should be given to this dissertation chapter. When you are almost through with your work, you should point out the results of your actions and the ideas, which were suggested. You should do it in this dissertation chapter.You may easily guess the title of this dissertation chapter– it is a conclusion.

7. For some students this dissertation chapter seems to be a big challenge, since a lot of different requirements should be considered. In order not to be puzzled with writing this dissertation chapter, you should write down all literature sources you have used during your dissertation writing.This dissertation chapter is a bibliography list, which is very important for any academic work!

8. As for this dissertation chapter, it is optional; everything depends on your personal wish! If you have something else you would like to add to your dissertation, this dissertation chapter will help you. Catching research materials might be included in this dissertation chapter.The last dissertation chapter under our consideration is an appendix!
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