Dissertation Acknowledgement Writing Tips

Dissertation Acknowledgement Writing Tips
Dissertation Acknowledgement Writing Tips
Dissertation acknowledgement writing is designed to express your gratitude to the people who assisted you in writing this work. Surprisingly or not, even the Dissertation Acknowledgement writing section is organized according to certain guidelines described below:

1) Dissertation acknowledgement writing has to be placed after the cover page of your paper. Moreover, it is organized on a separate sheet of paper.

2) While writing your Dissertation Acknowledgement, do not forget to mention all people who supported you in the writing process. As a rule, students thank their parents, teachers, advisors or even friends in their Dissertation Acknowledgment writings.

3) Keep in mind that Dissertation Acknowledgment writing is not a friendly note, so it should be organized in formal English, using appropriate words and expressions. Writing your Dissertation Acknowledgement, incorporate some of the following sentence fragments:
- I am pleased to thank…
- This is a great opportunity to express my respect to…
- This person has provided me with necessary assistance and…
- I would like to thank … for inspiring me to …
- This dissertation is dedicated to…

4) Dissertation Acknowledgement writing is of much greater importance than you think: this is your chance to look back at your hard work, days and months of studying and researching and remember everyone who was by your side throughout this period of time. So, make sure you thank all of them in your Dissertation Acknowledgement writing.

5) Dissertation Acknowledgement writing should be organized in APA or MLA format requirements (12 point Times New Roman type size and 1-inch margins on the four sides of a page).

The process of writing your Dissertation Acknowledgement is always a little bit nostalgic, since you realize that your studies are almost done and you have to move on to a new stage of your life.
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