Custom Dissertation’s Pros and Cons

Custom Dissertation’s Pros and Cons
Custom Dissertation’s Pros and Cons
Some issues are so controversial and highly debatable that it is impossible to decide which viewpoint is right and which one is wrong. Custom dissertation as a new way of completing this assignment is one of such issues.

Let us not debate over the positive and negative effects of a custom dissertation, but make a list of arguments in favor and against custom dissertation orders.
Custom dissertation’s Pros

Today students are pressured with numerous assignments – dissertations, term papers, research papers, essays and course works. Custom dissertations help students deal with all of these tasks, submitting them on time.

Some students manage to combine both study and work, and custom dissertations are of a great convenience for them when they have to work, not having enough time for university.

Custom dissertations do not have a great negative effect on the development of the writing and analytical skills of students, unless they order each assignment they get. Taking into consideration relatively high price for custom dissertation orders, students cannot afford to buy all their course assignments.

Custom dissertation’s Cons

Teachers have the right to worry about students’ course knowledge, since they do not spend enough time studying, researching and analyzing. Examiners would like to assess student’s personal piece of writing, not an ordered custom dissertation written by a professional academic writer.

Custom dissertation is a rather expensive way of studying, especially if you want to get a high-quality paper written according to your requirements and all writing format’s guidelines.

The debates over custom dissertations will always continue: its opponents – teachers – will always talk about the necessity of studying hard, and its supporters – students – will always look for ways to avoid writing some assignments.
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