Successful Research Paper Presentation

Successful Research Paper Presentation
Successful Research Paper Presentation
You have been working hard on your research paper and now it is time to make a presentation. So, what is a research paper presentation? It means that you will have a public performance, during which you will have to present the results of your work. Usually, a research paper presentation is made orally and you have to be prepared for it.

It should be mentioned that not everybody has a talent to perform publicly. There are people who get confused when they see a big audience. They become very nervous and can forget completely what they were going to talk about. If you are a person of that kind, you should sufficiently get ready for your research paper presentation. Try to make a small presentation among your friends or family. Keep in mind that you made a huge work, you know everything and you can answer all the questions during your research paper presentations.

Remember that you will not have an opportunity to talk a lot. You will be given 10-12 minutes for your research paper presentation. That is why you should make a plan of the most important things you want to present beforehand. Pay special attention to the introduction. Give some general info on your work and try to catch your audience’s attention. Then move on to the main part of your research paper presentation. It is the central point of your whole research paper presentation. You have to state the main problem of the work and present only the most important issues of your research paper.

Do not forget to make conclusions at the end of your research paper presentation. You should say about the solutions to the problem under discussion, analyze them and give your personal suggestions.

During your research paper presentation you should also mention the sources used.

It is highly recommended to use slides, diagrams and other things of that kind during your research paper presentation.

You should also take care of some additional material (schemes, graphs or tables) that will be given to the audience in order to explain or present some info from your research paper for better understanding, for example some statistics, etc.
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