Tips for Writing Othello Coursework

Tips for Writing Othello Coursework
Tips for Writing Othello Coursework
It is not very hard to write Othello coursework, you just need to know what this story is about. So, if you have not read this play, you should do it. It will be better if you read the full variant, because in the short one some significant parts might be omitted, which will not allow you to understand it completely.

It will be perfect if while writing your Othello coursework you express your personal feelings and emotions. Maybe you have experienced something similar. So, do not be shy to share your thoughts.

What should you start your Othello courseworks with?

At the beginning you can enumerate the main characters such as Othello, Desdemona, Iago, Cassio, and Emilia and give their short descriptions. You can mention what the relations between them were.

You can also start your Othello coursework with a catchy citation. Choose a few lines from the story that you like best. In this way you will be able to state a particular problem or question that excites you most of all. In the main text of your Othello coursework you will review this problem, suggest your ways of resolving it.

In your Othello courseworks you can review some exact problems. For example, you can only touch upon the relations between Othello and Desdemona.

In your Othello courseworks you can investigate the following question: who was Othello – a miserable moor in love or an egoistic fool? You can also ponder over the ways that could have helped them avoid this tragedy.

Othello coursework can touch upon the problem of friendship and betrayal, trust and treachery. Here you can discuss the triangle Othello, Iago, and Cassio. Think who was right and who was not.

If you want your Othello coursework to be more impressive, find the most catching and debatable problem you can cover in your paper.
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