Making a Dissertation Template

Making a Dissertation Template
Making a Dissertation Template
Dissertation writing is a long and tiring process and a dissertation template is a significant part of the whole work on dissertation. Moreover, it makes the process of writing a dissertation much easier, especially for those people who write their dissertation for the first time.

A dissertation template is a skeleton of your work and you should stick to it. You can get the rules of making a dissertation template from your tutor or you can go to the library and look for some previous examples.

What are the main requirements for dissertation templates?
1. The title page should include: the title of your dissertation, your full name and degree, the name of your university and the current year.
2. The dissertation introduction. Here you have to write briefly about your dissertation, its aims and goals, methodology, review of used sources and literature.
3. After the introduction, your dissertation template should contain a short description of each chapter.
4. If you had tables or other graphics in your work, you should present a separate list of them in your dissertation template.
5. One chapter of your dissertation templates should contain acknowledgments. If you have some articles or books published, you should also present them here.
6. Do not forget to make a summary. Write about the results of your work, what innovations it introduces to the topic under discussion.

Talk to your tutor and find out about the style of your dissertation template. It should be brief and clear, so make sure you did not overburden it with useless and unnecessary information. Also do not forget to paginate your dissertation template. It is also recommended to make copies in case some parts are accidently deleted from your computer.
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