Research Paper Abstract

Research Paper Abstract
Research Paper Abstract
The main purpose of a research paper abstract is to introduce the issue that will be the subject of your research. Besides, a research paper abstracts has to summarize the contents of your paper.

In spite of the relatively short length of a research papers abstract, this piece of writing should be produced according to a long list of the requirements.

Research paper abstract title

You have to work out a short, but effective title for your research paper abstract, it should attract attention of the target reader and make him/her want to learn more about the topic you are writing about.

Research paper abstract structure

This short summary of your research paper has to include the answers to the following questions:
- What is the purpose of a research paper?
- What is your thesis statement?
- What are the main supportive arguments/instruments of your research paper?
- What are the expected results of a research?

Research paper abstract content

Your examination committee/examiner should have no questions to you after reading your research paper abstract. You should anticipate all important questions he/she might have and answer them in your research paper abstract.

Research paper abstract word choice

This abstract should incorporate only Formal English language leaving out all slang, idioms or other informal categories of language. You should keep in mind that the target audience of your research paper abstract is your examiner, who is a university/school official, not your friend.

Finally, your research paper abstract should be direct and clear, without any meaningless sentences that will only waste time of your teacher.

“Keep it simple and convincing” – this is the golden rule for writing a good research paper abstract.
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