Dissertation Research

Dissertation Research
Dissertation Research
Have you ever thought about the similarities between a dissertation research and the process of planning your summer vacation?! Cannot you find any common features between these two procedures?! But this is so obvious…

You realize that you have not had a vacation for a very long time and you decide to award yourself with a trip abroad. So, you start your vacation research, just like you are required to start your dissertation research.

You are thinking about places where you can find some information about exotic countries. On the other hand, while conducting your dissertation research you identify all sources of information you are going to go through in the search for the relevant data.

Magazines, TV traveling channels or programs, newspapers and different brochures – here is your list of sources for your vacation research. Meanwhile, library resources with all types of publications, reliable websites and papers’ banks make up your dissertation research database.

You are starting to go through colorful pages of magazines and brochures, watching bright videos about other countries – you are deep in the process of researching. Dissertation research may be not so exciting: you need to analyze each source and decide whether it will help you in supporting your thesis statement.

Finally, your vacation research is coming to the end: you have made the decision where you would like to spend your summer holidays. A dissertation research ends up with the interpretation of data you have gathered.

Egypt, Greece, Holland, France… Your vacation research will help you find the best option. Whereas a dissertation research will help you make interesting or even innovational findings that might affect the development of a science in the world.
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