Kill a Mockingbird Essay

A Kill A Mockingbird Essay needs to present an analysis of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The novel which was published in 1960 is truly a classic with a narrative that speaks of the times the author lived in. The first half of the novel recreates simple lifestyle and growing up phase in Alabama. The book later probes into the way of living of the town folk. Harper Lee exposes the rotten rural behavioral symptoms and shows how social injustice was very much prevalent at the time. With prejudice and ignorance very much evident, a research paper can highlight how human weaknesses revolve around lack of education.
The narrative essay is presented by six-year-old Scout Finch who has an older brother named Jem and widowed father named Atticus as family. They live in Maycomb in Alabama. Atticus is a forthright lawyer who accepts the difficult task of defending Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a white woman named Mayella Ewell.
Scout and Jem meet Dill who is visiting his aunt in Maycomb. The three of them becomes friends and the children let their imagination go wild. They had never seen their reclusive neighbor “Boo” Radley before and try to imagine how he would look and try to figure out the reasons why he was so secretive. None of the town folk were ready to talk about him. The children though can feel his affection as they secretively receive gifts from an unknown person and figure out it might be him. The Kill A Mockingbird essay shows how children look at things differently. They would love to meet him but are afraid and wait for him to present himself.
Atticus can feel the prejudice and ignorance the people of the town have. It was the time of the Great Depression and people did not have patience or feel too much about social justice. As a black man, Tom has very little chance of getting off even after Atticus proves that Mayella and Bob Ewell, her drunk father were manipulating the circumstances and had fabricated a story to implicate Tom. Even though Tom is convicted by the biased court, Bob feel humiliated after the verdict is passed. He thinks of revenge and does not hesitate to spit on Atticus on the streets. The book essay would show that it does not there.
He attacks Fem while he was walking home with Scout. The reclusive Boo comes to the rescue and Bob is killed in the struggle. Atticus is forced to accept the sheriff’s version of the story that Bob fell on his own knife and got killed. Justice is done, but outside a court of law. Throughout the essay writing exercise, Harper Lee has tried to show the extent of racial prejudice prevalent. The loss of belief in the judiciary which leads to Tom being humiliated does not end with the case but with his death. The Kill A Mockingbird essay can demonstrate how racial prejudice can lead to hatred and collapse of social justice.

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