Writing a Dissertation Report

Writing a Dissertation Report
Writing a Dissertation Report
project. We want to pay your attention to the way of your dissertation report writing. It is not very difficult to do – to write a dissertation report, but still some hints on writing good dissertation reports will be useful, I think.

Dissertation reports have one great peculiarity – they are aimed at listeners’ attention, and you should take this fact into consideration!
When you prepare your dissertation report, you should be sure that there are no too complicated or difficult for understanding sentences, language is simple and all unknown terms are explained.

It is necessary to remember that in your dissertation report you should, first of all, describe the main idea of your work. It should be clear. It should be understandable. I think you can do it, as before you have managed to write a good dissertation and make an interesting research.

You should state your personal opinion in dissertation reports: try to write the truth: if it was difficult and challenging – write this, if you like working in such tempo – do not be shy – point it out!

It is your dissertation report and it is based on your research and on your work. If you have enough time, you may tell how important this work turns out to be for the science and what you may use from your dissertation writing process in your future life.

One more thing that I would like to add is the reaction when you present your dissertation report. If you read it aloud, in front of public – it is better to look at the results – you see the reaction and you can estimate your work independently.

If everything you have to do is writing your report without presenting it out loud, then just wait for the results the tutors usually give with their extraordinary feedbacks. Hope your work will be an outstanding one.
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