Thesis Title

Thesis Title
Thesis Title
Whatever you think, thesis title is very important and significant part of your thesis. Thesis title has a lot of different functions. These functions are the next:
- Thesis title catches the readers attention and makes them read your thesis;
- Thesis title reflects the content of you thesis;
- Thesis title helps you readers decide if they want to read your thesis or not.
- Thesis title shows what area of science your research belongs to.

As you can see, thesis title is very important; hence you should treat it seriously. Remember that the quality of your thesis, and your mark, depends a lot on your thesis title.

We have already said that the thesis title reflects the thesis topic. Thesis title and thesis topic are part and parcel of each other. They are inseparably linked, so first of all you will have to think about your thesis topic.

Your thesis topic has to be based on your interests; otherwise you will never be able to do a really good research. Thesis topic should also reflect some debatable, up-to-date problem in order to increase the significance of your thesis.

It would be much better if your thesis topic was still unexplored, as you will have a chance to make some significant conclusions and come to significant results. On the other hand, if your thesis topic is unexplored, it will be much more difficult for you to do your research, as you will not have enough background information. However, if you decide to research some unexplored topic, you should find some competent person who will help you to lead your research, and will check your results and analyze them.

If you manage to do a research on unexplored topic, it will be a great contribution to the modern science. So, you should try to do your best. In any case, you will loose nothing. You will only gain a new experience.
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