Dissertation Introduction

Dissertation Introduction
Dissertation introduction is one of the most important parts of your dissertation. It is the presentation of your assumption that has to be proved while conducting research either theoretically, or practically. Theoretically proved assumption means that you will have to use theoretical explanation for proving your point of view on the problem. Practically proved assumption means that you will have to resort to carrying out the experiments in order to prove your opinion.

For the majority of students writing a dissertation introduction is rather challenging, because one should be able to state his/her intentions to investigate the topic in a logically consequent way and using the scientific style of writing. Moreover, most students do not know what to write in their dissertation introduction. We are going to present you the main points that should be provided and described in your dissertation introductions.

Every dissertation introduction should present the purposes of your investigation. The main purpose of your investigation is to prove this or that point of view.
Your dissertation introduction should also present the subjects and objects of your investigation. The dissertation introduction subject is what your investigation is directed to. The objects are the means of achieving your purposes. Your dissertation introduction should also present the methods you are going to use during your investigation: whether you apply an interview, or a questionnaire, or perhaps you are to use the observations only (depends on your topic). Every point of your dissertation introduction should be marked out either by italics, or by bold type. Your dissertation introductions should be 1 or 2 pages long. But the main thing about the dissertation introductions is that they should clearly present the hypotheses.

Remember that properly written dissertation introduction is 90% of your success. Your dissertation introduction is the chance to improve your grade, because if your dissertation introduction is written properly, it means that you are rather educated person in the field of study you are learning.
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