Essay – Global Warming

An essay – global warming can be an eye-opener towards the danger posed by the surface temperature over the earth increasing alarmingly. Over the last 100 years, it has risen by 0.74 degrees centigrade and is showing signs of rising further, if something is not done about it. Change in temperature has posed severe danger in many forms. On Nov. 29, 2006, The Guardian reported that global warming is storing great amounts of heat in the waters of the North Atlantic. Marine researchers found that there has been an increase in temperature of 0.015 degrees centigrade in seven years over the upper 1,500 meters of ocean water from Western Europe to the Eastern US. If the oceans can store 0.015 degrees centigrade of heat, it implies that the atmosphere could get warmer by almost 9 degrees centigrade. A research paper can be compiled to show that it would have serious repercussions, if something was not done soon in the near future.
Human activities are mainly responsible for the rise in global temperatures. An essay writing exercise would be able to show that since the industrial revolution that took place nearly 150 years ago, man has blatantly abused nature and in turn endangered the very source of life we depend on. Global warming is a phenomenon that has been induced by the unrestricted carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels. This has already raised the temperature and could raise it further up to 6 degrees centigrade by the end of the century. The implications are severe. It would lead to famines and violent storms.
The greenhouse gases (GHGs) present in the atmosphere are critical in that they re-emit heat back to the Earth. Temperatures on the Earth could go down to -18 degrees centigrade if not for the GHGs. An essay – global warming would establish that there is another side to it. Scientists have indicated that greenhouse emissions have increased greatly. They need to be cut down to stop atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide reaching 400 parts per million. This would relate to a safe temperature rise of 2 degrees centigrade, same as the rise before the industrial revolution.
The Wildlife Conservation Society published a report on Dec. 9, 2009 stating that more than a dozen species of animals and groups have been severely impacted by global warming phenomenon. An environmental studies essay can highlight the fact that burning and cutting of forests causes nearly 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. This is more than the combined output of all the world’s vehicles and ships. It has become critical that the forests of the world are protected.
Leaders from around the world met in Copenhagen in December 2009 to address climate change issues. The result was that the rich nations of the world have pledged almost $30 billion in aid to help combat global warming. This is a good sign and an environmental essay can be written that elaborates further on what measures are going to be put in place to preserve a world worth living in for our next generation. The essay – global warming offers enough scope to bring some cheer to the world.

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