Dissertation Layout

Dissertation Layout
Dissertation Layout
Dissertation layout is the list of requirements for writing a dissertation. There are certain rules on what to include into your dissertation work. First, you should consider the following constituent parts in your dissertation:
- The title page
- Abstract
- Contents
- Introduction
- The main body of your dissertation
- The conclusion
- The list of bibliography
- Appendices

Dissertation Layout: the Title page

The title page of your dissertation should be made in accordance with the rules accepted in the educational institution you study at.

Dissertation Layout: Abstract

Abstract is the summary of your dissertation which attracts the reader’s attention to the subject of your investigation.

Dissertation Layout: Contents

Content is a plan of your dissertation work which includes the items to be covered in further description of your chapters. It should also contain the number of pages.

Dissertation Layout: Introduction

Introduction is the presentation of your chapters in brief, where you should mention about the purposes of your investigation, the methodology and the techniques you are going to use while your investigation process.

Dissertation Layout: the Body

The body of your dissertation contains the discussion of your topic, the problematic thesis statement which should be explored. While writing the main body of your dissertation, do not forget to make references, include citations done in accordance to the chosen dissertation format.

Dissertation Layout: Conclusion

The conclusion should be done in the end of your dissertation work, which should contain the resulted data, the conclusion and experiments which took place in the process of your investigation.

Dissertation Layout: Bibliography

The list of bibliography should be done in the alphabetic consequence, beginning with the name of the first author in the list of your literature sources.

Dissertation Layout: appendices
Appendices are the files attached to your dissertation work. They serve to make your grade higher. It is a kind of proofs that you have worked hard on looking for materials, using them, working them out, etc.

Thus, the dissertation layout is the set of components which should be included into your dissertation. It is strongly recommended that your dissertation should contain all of them because omitting at least one of them will lead to unpleasant results in getting your grade.
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