Dissertation Critique

Dissertation Critique
Dissertation Critique
The majority of people hates criticism and is offended every time they are criticized for anything. The question is whether it would be interesting to live in the society with no critique at all. Every kind of work needs to be criticized for if there is no critique there would be the only one opinion, no problems, nothing to be discussed.

Dissertation critique is not the exception in this simple regularity. Dissertation critique is directed to the development of the logical and analytical abilities of the students. When the students are assigned to write the dissertation critique they are to analyze works by other authors.

The 1st thing you should do is to find a dissertation published.

What should the dissertation critique address to?
- The author’s writing style;
- The relevance of the dissertation topic;
- Accuracy of the formats;
- The dissertation innovations;
- Accuracy of the methodology used;
- The way the introduction is presented;
- The presence of the references in the body;
- Completeness of each of the chapters;
- The way the conclusion is presented;
- Your suggestions about the improvements;
- Grammar, spelling or lexical mistakes.

You should always remember that dissertation critique demands objectiveness. Your dissertation critique suggests the writer an overview of his/her work and points out the disadvantages of it which he/she should liquidate the next time he/she will have to do the similar work.

On the other side, it is the writer’s task to accept all remarks and criticism with dignity. The writer should remember that the negative experience is an experience also.

Thus, the dissertation critique is a good opportunity for the writer to develop critical thinking as well as the abilities of analyzing a research work.
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