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An essay – drunk driving has the capacity to dissuade people from drinking while driving by presenting the sad state of affairs in places where it has reached dangerous levels. It has been proved beyond doubt that driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol can seriously affect the senses. Every day, drivers are arrested for DUI and face penalties that have increased many times over. On an average, about 3,000 people die or are seriously injured in the UK every each year as a result of collisions on the road due to alcohol consumption.
Recent reports have indicated that DUI is responsible for around 44 percent of deaths on the road in the United States. The efforts of non-profit organizations like MADD in the U.S. have ensured that many DUI laws have been passed to prevent drunk driving. One of the most influential laws adopted in the U.S. ensures that convicted persons have to serve their full sentence in jail without the benefit of suspended sentences.
Although the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits in the UK is 80 mg per 100 ml blood, it is not always possible to judge how many units can be consumed before exceeding the BAC legal limit. Basically, the human body can break down one unit of alcohol per hour. There are various conditions that can affect the speed at which alcohol enters the blood stream. Some of these conditions include drinking on an empty stomach or drinking with food over a prolonged period. If one is tired, it can affect concentration and the rate of absorption.
An essay – drunk driving should indicate that one unit can increase BAC by 20 mg in men and upto 30mg in women. What this means is that you can have upto a pint and a half of beer without exceeding BAC limits. To discourage drunk driving in UK, law makers have introduced tough laws and penalties. For example, if drivers are found to exceed BAC limits, they can be banned from driving a vehicle for a year. Fines can run upto ?5,000 and/or 6 months imprisonment.
An essay writing exercise can be written on the perpetual danger of facing legal complications at the tender age of 18 years, the official drinking age limit in the UK. There have been many debates on increasing the age limit to 21 years. Imagine a situation where an 18-year-old is convicted of consuming alcohol at 2.5 times the limit. He or she automatically becomes a “high risk offender.” If conviction takes place twice within a period of 10 years, the driver is banned from driving a vehicle for at least three years.
A research paper can be written on the penalties that exist to discourage drunk driving. For example, driver causing death while driving have to undergo 10 years of imprisonment, face a hefty fine, and would definitely be banned from driving for at least two years. Laws are getting more stringent and complicated. Individuals have to face strict fines and even imprisonment. The implications go much beyond that and could affect an individual’s lifestyle, image, and ability to face life positively. An essay – drunk driving should be able to highlight these facts.

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