Essay On Death Penalty

An essay on death penalty can highlight the changes in law that took place towards abolition of capital punishment. If has often been debated that the death penalty cannot be a solution to problems existing in society. Capital punishment was abolished in the United Kingdom in the twentieth century with the last death penalty taking place in 1964. In 1969, capital punishment was abolished for murder in Great Britain while it Northern Ireland adapted to it in 1973. The European Convention on Human Rights prohibited capital punishment on May 20, 1998, and finally on Nov. 09, 1998, the death penalty was done away with. Immediately afterwards, the UK implemented the directive. The consequences of not doing so meant that it would have to withdraw from the Council of Europe. The rule put to rest the debate of whether a state had the moral duty to apply the death penalty.
In many other countries though, it is still applied. An essay writing exercise would establish that there are countries that have not succeeded in reducing serious crimes like murder. Some consider rape, adultery and treason as serious a crime as murder. A capital punishment essay can be written on new cases related to the death penalty. Amnesty International reported on Aug. 26, 2009 that the government of Thailand resumed implementation of the death penalty after six years when they executed 45-year-old Bundit Jaroenwanit and 52-year-old Jirawat Poompreuk by lethal injection at Bang Khwang prison. They was convicted of drug trafficking handed over the death penalty with death with a notice period of just 60 minutes before the executions were carried out. As on December 2009, 58 countries still retained capital punishment.
In many cases, it is the way a legal system works that can decide the outcome of a murder trial. A law essay could highlight the role played by lawyers in deciding the outcome of a case. For example, reported on Jan. 22, 2010 that the US Supreme Court had upheld the death sentence on Holly Wood despite unexplored evidence of mental retardation. The case goes like this. A certain Holly Wood shot his girlfriend in 1993. He was found to have an IQ of less than 70 and a medical condition harboring on mental retardation. Due to the deficiencies of an inexperienced lawyer who failed to bring to the jury’s notice Wood’s mental condition, the Federal Court had overturned the death penalty. The Supreme Court, however, observed that Wood’s counsel had made a strategic decision not to highlight Wood’s condition or produce evidence before the court. The case took a U-turn, and Wood was sentenced to death.
There have been many arguments is favor of abolishing the death penalty. Families have had a hard time reconciling to the fact that a family member has been lost due to that fact that law is blind. In many instances, they find it difficult to believe that one of them could participate in a heinous crime like murder. A term paper can harp on the reactions leading to the strong opinions against capital punishment. An essay on death penalty can bring forward many issues that would highlight such issues.

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