Definition of research

Definition of research
Definition of research
Nowadays students are required to complete more and more complicated tasks. In particular, it is not enough for the students to write their thoughts and opinions in a convincing way, but it is necessary to conduct the research and only then present their points of view on the basis of the findings. So, the role of the research has significantly grown during the past few decades.

Many students, when asked to define research, are confused and can not give the correct answer. So, what is the definition of research?

Research is the process of collection, analysis and presentation of the certain data relevant to the subject of research. This is a rather long definition of research, but making it simple, to research means to look for any relevant information.

Definition of research may be clarified by means of describing the stages of this process:

1.Defining the research- the stage of identification of the issue.
This is the first stage of research which involves the process of defining the particular problem.
2.Defining the research-the stage of development of the research plan.
It is anticipated that researcher works out certain plan of his/her actions. This is exceedingly important stage for writing the dissertation proposals.
3.Defining the research-the stage of gathering the information.
As a rule, this stage is the most time- and efforts-consuming part of the research. The greater the number of sources is, the deeper your research will be.
4.Defining the research -analysis of obtained information.
In order to analyze the results of research, both quantitative and qualitative measures can be used.
5.Defining the research-the final presentation of the findings.

Research would be useless if scientists could not share their findings with each other. So, the presentation of the results should be reflected in the conclusion of the paper.

We hope the definition of the research and its stages is clear now. However, it is possible that with time this definition of research may evolve and incorporate new elements.
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