Exposition Essay

Exposition Essay
Exposition Essay
Writing an Exposition Essay: Advice for the Beginners

An exposition essay concentrates mainly upon expressing the writer’s opinion towards this or that problem, issue or question and giving the reasons why the author supports a particular point of view. This means that expressing your opinion is not enough when you are writing an exposition essay. You will also have to provide your arguments and reasons for supporting this or that opinion of yours.
Raise Problems, Concerns, and Challenges

Exposition essay topics are supposed to be problematic issues or questions that presuppose the existence of several points of view upon the possible answer.

When you are writing an exposition essay, you should remember the following:
First and foremost, be formal. You should express your attitude and understanding of this or that question in formal expressions, without colloquialisms. But writing an exposition essay does not require scientific language and therefore this kind of writing can be done in rather a free manner.
While writing an exposition essay, be impersonal. Avoid using ‘I’ in your essay.
Think thoroughly about the answer you are going to present. Develop a strong explanation of your point of view and persuasive argumentation of your answer.
Sum up your opinion and its explanation so that they sound logically and are clear and persuasive.
Structure your writing properly and make sure it is arranged logically and clearly. The most common way of arranging any piece of writing is to start with an introduction (introduce the issue you are going to discuss and briefly express the essence of the problem in the opening paragraph – three or four sentences will be enough), continue with expressing your opinion and explaining your viewpoint (the body of your essay will take the major part of its volume) and finish with a short conclusion (just sum up all you have said).
When you are writing an exposition essay, you should also remember that it is the opportunity to express your own opinion. Do not be afraid to express it. Mind that your opinion will be more authoritative if you add some scientifically proved facts and opinions of famous people competent in the topic to your exposition essay.
Exposition Essay Does Not Have To Be A Challenge!

Writing an exposition essay is not difficult at all if you know the issue you are writing about, have formulated your opinion concerning this issue and have the opportunity to find additional information to stress the importance of the problem and support your opinion. However, do not be upset if you see that your exposition essay is not as good as you expected. You can achieve a perfect ability of essay writing only with practice.

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