Marketing Case Analysis

Marketing Case Analysis
Marketing Case Analysis
Marketing Case Analysis: How to Make It?

If you have an assignment to conduct marketing case analysis, it means that you should analyze a certain marketing problem and suggest some possible way of its solving. The characteristic of marketing case analysis is the fact that students investigate real problems that may occur in the modern market (whether the global or the home one). While analyzing you should apply your knowledge that you have got when studying marketing, use some theoretical materials concerning the issue and rely on your own observations.

You should present the results of your work whether as a marketing analysis report or in the form of a marketing analysis presentation. Anyway, your marketing case analysis should be clear, well-structured and have the logical ending that is your suggestions concerning solving of the problem analyzed.
In what way should you make your marketing case analysis?

First and foremost, you should read the case carefully for several times in order to get the point of the problem discussed. This is the basis for your analysis. So, be as attentive as possible. You may also make some notes; for example, present the case for analysis in the form of a scheme or a picture. The matter is that you should understand what you have to analyze.

Define what the issue is. For instance, it may be some problem that have to be solved or launching of a new product. One should stress that the results of your marketing case analysis depends on what kind of an issue this case is. If we take the 2 examples mentioned above, it is clear that:
In the first variant the result of your analysis is presenting of some possible ways of solving of the marketing problem;
In the second variant your analysis will end in suggesting of some kind of the company behavior (some actions, strategy) that will guarantee its success.

After that you may get down to your marketing case analysis.
Study and analyze the history of the company in question. The information about its past will help you understand its present business.
Make marketing SWOT analysis in order to know the internal and external environment of the company.
Make marketing strategy analysis and marketing mix analysis in order to know the way the company solve one or another problem.
Taking into account the data obtained in the process of your analysis suggest some ways of solving of the issue.

These are the main stages of the marketing research analysis in which you study and analyze some marketing case issue and suggest possible ways of its solution.

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