Essay Analysis: Why and What?

Essay Analysis: Why and What?
Essay Analysis: Why and What?

When getting an assignment to make essay analysis you may be bewildered a bit. But do not worry! The first thing for you to do is to make head or tail of what this task is about. Let’s try to make this issue clear!
Why should you make essay analysis?

The main aim of making of essay analysis is to explain the audience the essay concerned. On reading your analysis it should become clear why this essay was written, what it is about and in what way the author’s intentions were realized.
What should essay analysis contain?

When making your essay analysis you should highlight 3 main points:
First of all, you should give the general information about the contents of the essay. You may not touch upon any details. Actually, you should not do that. The matter is that your audience should understand what this essay is written about.
You should present a thesis statement for your analysis. On reading this thesis statement it should become clear for your audience what exactly you are going to discuss.
You should present deep analysis of the essay concerned. Pay attention: it should not be your thoughts, judgments or feelings about the essay. You should provide your readers with the objective evaluation of the essay that will help them understand it and make their own conclusions.
Essay analysis: what can you discuss?

It is quite obvious that you cannot cover all possible aspects in your analysis. That is why you should choose a certain issue that seems to be the most interesting for analyzing (expressed in the form of a thesis statement). What should it be? Actually, any aspect that concerns the essay. You may discuss the author’s attitude to the problem, event or phenomenon highlighted in it (as a rule, this attitude becomes clear from the fact in what way this essay subject is depicted). You may analyze in what way the author realizes his/her intentions (for example, in what way the author’s main idea is presented). You may even focus on the essay process analysis (analyze the steps that were made in writing of this essay).

So, it is up to you to choose a point to concentrate your attention on. But there is a requirement that you should meet when writing your essay analysis. Your analysis should study this point as fully as possible.

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