Dracula Essay

A Dracula essay on the classic Dracula by Bram Stoker can be a hair-raising exercise. It was first published in 1897 and was accepted as a successful thriller. Over the next century, Count Dracula became a figure to be feared. People have connected several incidents to the Count, and he has come out of story books to be firmly entrenched in the minds of people. Even in modern times, the myth of Dracula exists. How can such a character remain in the minds of people for such a long time? This can be attributed to collective fear among people about the vampire. Who can forget the innumerable times movies and story books have presented gory pictures of humans drained of blood with tell tale-tooth marks on the neck indicating the work of a vampire. It is a dreadful and chilling thought.
The fearsome and intimidating figure of Dracula has survived to a large extent due to the very gripping movie made on the life of the Count in 1931 by Tod Browning. The novel was written using the background of the Victorian lifestyle. This aspect presented many beliefs about the unknown, and people reacted by creating imaginative variations of the vampire cult. The popularity and fear of Count Dracula spread far and wide. Wherever it could penetrate the psyche of people, it fed their fancy and added to local beliefs of the supernatural. The thought of a blood-sucking Dracula having left behind a legacy of similar sinister beings has been deeply rooted in the minds of people. The direction these thoughts take vary as per the place and time period. An essay writing exercise can harp on the mixed-up feelings occurring in the minds of different age groups of people.
In modern times, people have had many more things to worry about than to follow up on the Count. For example, blood has become a life-saving commodity that is sold and exchanged. There are so many illnesses that have affected blood that the thought of blood being sucked by a vampire almost doesn’t occur, except in Dracula essays. The fear of the unknown still exists among people. This can lead to believing that the hand of an unknown entity exists in incidents which leave behind unanswered questions. Most people who read Dracula for the first time now already have a preconceived idea about the personality of Dracula. Research papers on the character might have been published so many times that is has become difficult to find people who have absolutely no idea about the novel or movie.
The story of Dracula has evolved from several documents that connected with each other to complete it. Journals and letters by the main characters, a ship’s log, newspaper clipping and other means have been used to explain and build up the story. A complex story, many filmmakers have chosen to alter the context and theme of movies based on different interpretations of the novel. If you have to write a Dracula essay, the scope to highlight your point of view about the characters in the novel or movie is tremendous.

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