Cause Effect Essay

Cause Effect Essay
Cause Effect Essay: Obesity

The cause effect essay explains the reasons of the event or shows the consequences of it.
Cause Effect Essay: Main Tips
You may open your essay with a well known outcome or situation and study what caused such a result. However, you can start such an essay by describing an event and than analyzing the consequences.
Differentiate cause and effect. Many students find this task to be very difficult and confusing. If you want to understand the cause of something, simply ask yourself “why”. Ask yourself “what” and you will determine the effect. There may be too many causes that you will need to cover in your essay. So, you have to choose the main you want to present in the scope of your writing. You should explain the reader that there are some other minor reasons not covered in your essay.
It is important to decide if you are writing to inform or to persuade your reader. According to it choose your writing style.
Concentrate only on the recent causes or effects. Remember to use supporting information that will strengthen your essay. In your cause effect essay you can feel free to use the examples, provide the reader with facts. You may finish your cause effect essay calling for action.
Cause Effect Essay Example

Numbers do not lie. According to the information provided by National Institute of Diabetes 68% of America is either overweight or obese. By definition a person is obese when its body has enormous quantity of fat, that is mostly concentrated around the abdomen. Obesity increases a person’s risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Obesity has no preferences when it comes to color or gender, age is not a factor either. Because of the technology and other outside reasons, child obesity has increased at alarming rates.

America has a largest obese situation in the world; mostly it is caused because of American lifestyle. Fast food has very bad effects on the body, the lack of physical activity and the lack of knowledge about a healthy way of life. When it comes to food, convenience is not always a benefit but a hindrance to your body.

It is recommended that a person take at least 30 min of physical activity every day to remain healthy. This can reduce excess body fat caused by overeating and will increase the chance to a longer healthier life. Also there are hundreds of informative books, magazines and websites about healthy way of life, which need to be studied.
Cause Effect Essay: Writing Help

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