Descriptive Narrative Essay

Descriptive Narrative Essay
Descriptive Narrative Essay
Descriptive Narrative Essay: The Main Aim

Any descriptive narrative essay presupposes some kind of sensual communication with the readers. You see when you write your descriptive narrative essays the main aim for you is to appeal the readers’ senses, to make them feel, see, taste, touch, or listen what you do or the imaginary hero or image of your descriptive narrative essay does.

Of course, it is simple to explain what you have to do while your descriptive narrative essay writing, however, as a rule, when it comes to the process of writing, a student feels puzzled with the questions of what it means to appeal to the readers’ senses and how it is possible to appeal to these very senses. Well, there exist some special techniques, which help students while writing their descriptive narrative essays in order they to be able to appeal to the readers’ senses.
Simple Techniques for Descriptive Narrative Essays

The technique we are going to speak about in our article is rather simple one. The main principle of it is to present as many details while describing either hero or some other image of your descriptive narrative essay as it is only possible. You see with the help of the details it is possible to make readers feel that they are those ones to participate in the story of your descriptive narrative essay on their own.

If still you do not know how to use this technique, let us give you a little exercise that will help you to understand the sense of this very technique. Thus, think about an apple: which of the senses, emotions, feelings, and epithets it awakes in your consciousness. Write them down carefully and count. If you have managed to write, at least, 15 epithets, then our congratulations to you, you are ready to start writing your descriptive narrative essay.
Working With Epithets in Your Descriptive Narrative Essays

If the amount of epithets is less than 15, at this point, we recommend you to continue practice, and this very apple you have dealt with above, will help you to master this technique. Now, before starting to add some epithets to the ready-made list you have written before think about the following categories: taste, smell, touch, color, and feeling. Try to write, at least, for seven epithets to each of the above-mentioned categories of describing the apple. If you manage to do this, you will write thirty-five epithets devoted to one and the same object. Can you imagine that?

Do this very exercise regularly and soon you will become a perfect descriptive narrative essay writer.

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