Capital Punishment Essay

A capital punishment essay can explore the hotly debated question as to whether it is morally correct for a state to impose capital punishment and execute people. Though it is usually imposed when serious crimes involving murder is proved without doubt, some countries consider drug peddling, treason, rape, and adultery as capital crimes. An essay writing exercise would establish that the feeling among people that capital punishment should be abolished is very strong. Amnesty International has on December 2009 reported that 58 countries still retained capital punishment in their judicial systems. The move to abolish it has been gathering momentum over the years and on Dec. 18, 2008 the United Nations adopted a resolution asking the world to freeze execution and finally abolish it.
Some law essays support capital punishment for various reasons.
• People believe very strongly that those guilty of heinous crimes like murder deserve to die.
• The legal point of view held in many counties suggest that punishment must depend on the atrocity of the crime, the conduct of the criminal, and if the victim was defenseless.
• A legal system ensures that the punishment befits the crime so that it reflects public disgust of the crime. In some countries, the principle of “an eye for and eye” holds good.
• Capital punishment is often justified as execution of murderers would deter other people from doing the same.
• With the amount of stress and tension all around, the death penalty reinforces the belief among people that such punishment is given to only people who deserve it. A capital punishment essay can study a live example of a stressful working environment and come up with a report.
Countries that have done away with capital punishment outnumber those in support of it. The arguments that support the ban are many in number.
• Many criminals on death roll have been found to repent for their crimes and have found spiritual rehabilitation. This was observed when people had already spent considerable time in prison.
• People argue that just to prevent a criminal from murdering someone else is not enough reason to enforce capital punishment. This could be easily stopped with life imprisonment.
• The police often need help to solve cases especially if there are no witnesses. To reduce the sentence to a lower one like life imprisonment could help solve a case. It would be the incentive for a criminal to own up and confess.
• Many families never manage to recover from the shock of losing their loved ones even if the legal system has established that the family member was a criminal fit for capital punishment. A research paper on the reactions shown in several cases could form content based around the thesis statement.
• Many argue that it could be unfair is some cases. Even if a very small percentage of people who were innocent were to be executed, the legal system would have failed.
• Lastly, the strongest argument against is that it is absolutely unnecessary and costly. Students would have to consider the various arguments supporting or opposing capital punishment before writing a capital punishment essay.

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