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Essay Prompt
Essay Prompt
Provocation – An ideal characteristic of the essay prompt

Traditionally essay prompts were thought to be meant for the teacher’s chance to carry out an evaluation of the student’s understanding of the lesson learnt. However, a good prompt will also give the students an opportunity to examine their understanding, and make their own judgments and observations on the subject matter.

Many examining bodies at high school, college and university level have used an essay prompt technique to provoke the student into research. This is to help them develop independent thinking in order to generate new ideas from the subject matters they have handled in the classrooms and learning experiences. A good essay prompt should therefore provoke the students through a clear guideline of the requirements of the teacher and the limits of the essay. It is normal in practice that a vague prompt will elicit a vague response (garbage in garbage out policy). This is why our writers in many academic fields covered in many parts of the world take time to develop provocative, logical and authentic prompts. These are found to be useful not only to the instructor, but also to the student who needs to do essay writing to gain experience and for knowledge development.
Steps Followed in Writing Essay Prompts

Essay-prompt writing should not be a hectic task to the teacher. We have made it easier to handle essay prompt tasks by summarizing the process into four simple steps. The steps include:
• Choice of type of essay to be written
In this case the essay prompt will indicate the exact essay required; whether a literary, scholarship, research, informal, expository or process essay and so on to help the writer to determine the right format to use in writing.
• Determination of a solid beginning point
The prompt hints to the writer the possible beginning point for the essay to avoid usage of vain words by the writer. For example it will have something to the effect, “analyze the cause of train accidents on London train routes”. Here the beginning point is not vague but specific- “train accidents in London”.
• Specification of the areas of coverage
Our essay prompts will give checks on the level of coverage through the specification of the area of coverage. This could be through topic or subject specification which gives guard against writing overboard yet giving the writer the freedom to wander through the specified area.
• Addition of some direct requirements
Some specific requirements of the essay are usually added to give further checks in the level of coverage. This could be citation requirements, quotations, and number of words among other possible extra requirements.

A tradition our very able essay prompt support team has is to develop prompts that are simple to understand with thoroughly researched logical sequence. The prompts are tested and given a 100% plagiarism free guarantee and an assurance of authenticity of the work following our anti-plagiarism policy. Ordering an essay prompt can be done online through our writing services and help lines with simple and cheap payment in flexible modes.

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