Essay Template to Help You While You Write

Essay Template to Help You While You Write
Essay Template to Help You While You Write
Essay Templates – A Guide For Your Essay

Essay templates are guide or models that serve to help while you write. If you need help, or want to improve your essay writing skills, templates are the best bet to serve your purpose.

Templates are more or less like a skeleton of any paper and gives the entire essay a structure and shape. Having a template in front while writing the essay will produce a perfect write up without having to worry too much about the outline or essay format. It becomes easier for the writer to to organize and develop his thoughts and ideas in the correct direction.

While writing a paper a student often finds it essential to follow a template to complete his assigned essay writing. Two chief sources that a student can choose to form a template from are the Modern Language Association or MLA and the other is the American Psychological Association or APA. Humanities paper like literature papers, history papers, English papers etc. follow the MLA template writing format. The APA template format is followed by the social science branch of studies as well as the business and technology branch of science.

A template like any other essay will have the standard format of an introductory paragraph, three or more body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. Given below is an essay template for a critical analysis.


Introduction to the topic that is to be critically analysed. A thesis statement.


1. Summary of the book or poem or play or cinema to be analysed

2. Analyse the subject at had form the viewpoint of a third person

3. State your own views point on the subject

4. Give evidences to support your opinion. Give proper citations and references to avoid charges of plagiarism.


Give a brief summary of the work and state your opinion and reiterate your stand.

An essay template not only guides you to write the essay, it also helps you to remember to number the pages, give title and subtitle to the essay and even minor things like spacing your paragraphs.

Templates are available and can be downloaded online from many sites. Only one has to be careful to choose the correct one related to his topic and requirements. Templates are like skeletons that only need filling up , thus halving one’s job of writing an assigned paper. Following a template one can easily write the paper and get good grades, just make sure that you choose the right template.

Essay templates are the best available guides for all students while they complete their assignments. It helps them to write well in the correct format and pattern. A template contains all the required chapters and a student will have to fill them up with his own collected and researched data. After filling up one just needs to proof read the paper and edit it accordingly.

An essay template should be more than enough for you to complete your assignment. However if for some reason you are stuck and need help, then just log on to our website at and place and order for a custom paper.

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