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A book essay is a creative exercise that one has to undertake to be able to review the works of other authors. It does take a while before you get used to the style of writing. There are various factors that one has to cover during the process of reviewing a book. The focus should be on the aspect of creativity. A book has to be interesting irrespective of the topic. Interest generated among readers can be gauged from the amount of sales it musters. An essay would focus more on abstracting the works into a concise readable format. The skills needed to do this without losing the originality the book brings in has to be considered. Essay structure can be based on what you consider would be the unique and interesting parts of the book. Here are some simple methods to attempt an essay of this kind.
Before starting a review on any subject, one has to be thorough about it. In the case of a book, it has to be read several times before attempting a review. After the first reading, one would get familiar with the main ideas or story. The second reading would show you areas where you would be looking for content to use in the essay. As in any student essay, making notes is a good habit and would form the abstract. Every book has some chapters which seem to be more interesting than others. This would be a very good place to start phrasing your sentences.
As the title would suggest, the book would have a unique idea it tries to convey to readers. The review should be based on this unique idea. Once you have finished reading the book for the first time, the pros and cons of the unique idea can jotted down. As you continue reading, several areas of the book might agree with your point of view, while others may not. These would combine to provide content for the book essay.
An important point to consider is that readers may or may not be familiar with the book. Essay writing is an art, and you have to provide the background of the book and a gist of content within it before writing a review. For example, the book might be a story that extends to several hundred pages. You would have to condense it to just a page or two. At the same time, readers should be able to understand the complete story. This requires some abstracting skills, which comes with practice.
The book essay should focus on a thesis statement for itself. This could be the main idea within the book or a review of a particular part of the book. This usually happens when you are given an exercise based on a term paper curriculum and have no choice in the selection of the topic. It should not deter you from writing a unique and concise essay on the book. The methods you follow remain the same. The focus of your arguments would be on the thesis statement.

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