Formal Essays for the Business Students

Formal Essays for the Business Students
Formal Essays for the Business Students
Formal Essay- Guidelines

A formal essay format is generally followed for writing business essays. Not of the easy essay genre these follow a sombre and more rigid format and are conventional in their presentation. These essays have an effective and impressive topic, good but formal content matter, a correct and strong structure, impeccable language with no spelling or grammatical mistakes what so ever.

These essays generally follow the normal pattern of having an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction will give a brief idea of the whole project. The main point will have to be presented here and all other relevant issues to be given in a very concise form. The tone of the essay right from the beginning will have to be formal. The introduction should be so written that it gets the attention of the reader at once and urges him or her to read further. Body of the essay will discuss the topic of the project in length here. All other relevant and important issues pertaining to the subject should be presented here and discussed in details. Care should be taken to see that all points presented in the introduction are discussed and nothing is missed. Additional informational can also be presented in the body but of course it must be relevant to the main topic. All arguments and counter arguments supported by correct and strong evidences should be given here. However no personal opinions are to be presented and views should be taken only from texts and other sources. The various ideas on the main topic should be written in a well organized manner and not given haphazardly. The style should be free flowing and the move from one issue to another should be smooth without jumping topics. The conclusion should present a short summary. It should be written in such a way that it properly wraps up the essay.

As for example these essays often entail writing a formal presentation on a company of the writer’s choice:


….. is a company operating outdoors merchandise like hunting, fishing and camping equipment and outdoor apparel. They are the world’s largest retailer of sporting outfitter, operating through widely spread 28 retail stores in the United States and Canada as well as major direct-to-consumer operations through its catalog and also via the Internet. In 2007, … acquired S.I.R. Warehouse Sports Store, which was a Canadian sports chain and this acquisition gave a significant thumbs up and boost to their operations.

…. has the following products in its long a distinguished product line of 44 products, divided into five product categories: hunting equipment, fishing and marine, camping, clothing and footwear and gifts and furnishing. Their product line includes…


A vision statement is an idealized and strategic description of the desired outcome of the company that inspires, energizes and helps in creating a mental picture of the target of the company. As Abraham Maslow once said “The basic question is, what vision do you aspire to?”(qtd. in Hickman, 1998, p. 234). In contrast, a Mission statement is more focused and describes in brief what the business of a company is and “why” the organization currently exists. Quite often these are published and displayed by the company in their office premises, company websites et al.
In case of…. this is not published on their website. Nevertheless, a look at their history, company profile and website gives us enough clues to create a possible Vision statement ….

Economic conditions affecting or slowing down the market. The stagnating GDP and rising oil prices have caused the market to become flat topped. Reduction of gasoline prices in the 4th quarter of 2008 improved the retail sales to a certain extent, but not significantly. …


Thus from the above detailed study of … we can see that despite the present economic turmoil and volatile situation and also seasonal changes coupled with a slow growing market, …. has shown an impressive cash flow ….

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