Example of Essay Writing to Help You Complete your Assignment

Example of Essay Writing to Help You Complete your Assignment
Example of Essay Writing to Help You Complete your Assignment
Example of Essay Writing – Read Essays Pertaining to Your Essay Topic

You have an assignment that requires you to write an essay on a subject that you are studying in class. The first thing you do is choose a prefect topic to write on. A topic that you have interest in and have some amount knowledge on. Then you will have to think of a good title that will best describe the topic. Once the topic is chosen and the title is finalised you will have to start hunting for information. While exploring the subject it will be good if the writer also looks for various examples of essay writing on a similar topic or theme. Good sample essays and essay examples act as guides and help the writer to understand the technicalities of writing well.

A good essay is generally well organised and written logically with well placed examples and supporting evidences. The paper will showcase the writer’s writing skills and the capability to express well. The article must be written in such a manner that it shows that the theme has been well researched and well understood by the writer. Essays generally written for a term paper or research paper have the five paragraph format. It will have one introductory paragraph, three paragraphs for the body and one concluding paragraph. The introductory para will present the topic to the reader and give a brief summary of what the topic is all about. The body will discuss the topic in detail and will present supporting evidences to the main argument. All direct citations will have to be duly referenced to avoid charges of plagiarism.

Given below is an excerpt from a paper(Topic: Theories of Knowledge) that will show the five format paragraph necessary for most written essays.


The study of the Theory of Knowledge is known as Epistemology. This branch of study explores various aspects like the definition of knowledge, difference between knowledge and belief etc…..The two most common theories in this regard are Empiricism and Rationalism. ….


Empiricism is the theory that knowledge can only be gained from actual perceptions. It is an extension of the Aristotelian theory that human mind is a blank slate (or in Aristotle’s words – “Tabula Rasa”, an empty tablet) and only experience can bring in knowledge. This was later expounded in the 17th century by a number of philosophers like, Locke. As per this ….

Rationalism states that reason is the fundamental building block of our knowledge. It does not ignore the physical sensory perceptions but argues that the reason in the human mind is responsible ….

The intuition/ deduction theory tells us that knowledge begins with a kind of insight that is already present within oneself, which is then further built up based on events and observations – a process known as deduction. The effectiveness of the ….


Whichever theory one follows, all finally converge to a singular concept – the concept of relative truth or knowledge. Rationalism in its purest form and Empiricism in its modified form accepts that the knowledge gained …

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