Environment Essay – Deals Mainly with Pollution Issues

Environment Essay – Deals Mainly with Pollution Issues
Environment Essay – Deals Mainly with Pollution Issues
An environment essay will deal with the various man-created environment related problems that we face in our recent times. It will mainly deal with the environmental pollution aspects, and how to deal with this problem. The most popular topic that is set as an assignment is the one that discusses about global warming. Environmental essays are generally easy essays that have a lot of research material readily available from which the writer can very easily collect the required notes.Given below are excerpts from a paper on global warming that will help you understand how to go about writing this essay.

The introductory para should briefly talk about what is global warming, explain the important terms and terminologies and summarize the important points associated with this theme. It should be interesting so the reader finds it to be appealing.


Global warming is the increase in the surface temperature of the earth which may in turn bring about certain changes in the climate throughout the world. Gases like carbon dioxide, ozone, methane and many others that absorb infra red radiation, cause the heat energy to be trapped within our atmosphere…..

The body para should discuss the process of global warming in details. It should describe the impact of global warming on our environment and should discuss the potential dangers from this menace.


The climatic changes arising from global warming may lead to many problems. Rise in temperature of the earth would mean differences in the pattern of rain and rise in the level of the sea. These would in turn affect the biodiversity of the plants, animals and the human population leading to extinction of many species. The climatic changes ….

There are many ways to combat global warming. One is to cut down on the usage of fossil fuel. People can be requested to travel short distances by walking or cycling, instead of taking out the car every time. For office goers car pooling would be the best possible solution. Incandescent bulbs can be replaced by energy saving lamps. Renewable energy like air, biomass and …..

The conclusion should summarize the concepts of global warming and briefly state the consequences of this process on the environment. Give a strong concluding statement so that the reader is convinced of the ill effects of global warming.


…… Small things that each individual can do to save the earth will and ensure that we leave a greener and cleaner earth for our next generation. This is where …..

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