Anthropology Essay

An anthropology essay is a science that involves the study of humanity. Originated from the natural and social sciences, it studies the different sides of society and culture including traditions, language, beliefs, values, art, and other facets. Anthropology measures how humans impact others. There are several segments of anthropology that can be segregated based on the type of studies involved.
Physical Anthropology or Biological Anthropology is the study of physical development of mankind over a period of time. For example, a research paper on the study of race, adaptation, and gender would come under this study. Humans evolved over a period of time and adapted to changes inherited from genes. A sociology essay could verify that there have been many variable factors that have forced humans to adapt to them. Going back much further, scientists use fossils to study how humans evolved over a period of time. There are two main goals to be achieved in the study involved. One is to identify differences between humans and their human and nonhuman ancestors. The second is to clarify the biological emergence of humans.
Ethnology analyzes human cultures based on history and uses comparison to establish origin, how far the culture reached in terms of distribution, and the characteristics shown by different cultures. Languages, technology, and religions are studied using cultural anthropology techniques.
Linguistics involves the study of languages in terms of their nature and structure. Scientists study historic relationships to try and establish relationships between different languages. They analyze the variations that exist in terms of syntax, phonetics, semantics, sociolinguistics and other techniques. The historical study of languages was established in the nineteenth century as a science. Its growth can be traced through an anthropology essay.
Applied Anthropology uses the theories and methods developed over a period of time to solve human problems of today. For example, public health systems or economic progress patterns can be established use techniques of applied anthropology. This is a very practical field and not just restricted to universities. Cross-cultural knowledge has allowed scientists to work in the field of design, especially in the fields of health and education.
Advanced studies have framed guidelines for the study of mankind now using comparisons with older generations and by tracing the growth of humans in comparison to lower animals. Proof of unity in a race using the stone implements and weapons found in different parts of the world among different races forms one part of the study. An essay writing exercise would show that signs, gestures and resemblances can now be established even in diverse language structures. Habits, ideas developed at the time, strange customs, and religious beliefs also help in tracing the background. Some of these still exist in modern society, which has not surprised scientists.
Though scientific studies has evolved based on observations made by scientists over a period of time, anthropology has left an indelible mark on how study of humanity has to be conducted from here on. The importance of the work has been realized by different scientists using modern technology combined with the principles of anthropology to design equipment of the future. An anthropology essay can be very useful, if input to enhance further studies can be offered.
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