GED Essay For High School Students

GED Essay For High School Students
GED Essay For High School Students
Tips to Writing A GED essay

GED or General Education Development is the evaluation process that a student needs to undergo before completing high school studies. This testing procedure consists of five major subjects on which the students are evaluated. These are science, mathematics, social sciences, reading and writing. The writing part consists of writing essays. GED essays are thus extremely important for for all high school students. given below are tips for writing a good ged essay.

1. First read the given topic very well. Read the topic and start thinking about what you want to write on it.

2. The best way to start is to jot down the important points that come to your head. Writing down the important points help you to stay on track.

3. Present your ideas with suitable examples so that your reader is easily convinced. So while thinking about the essay quickly think about some appropriate examples too.

While writing the essay

1.Start by giving an appealing and strong introduction to the essay. The introductory para is the most important part and the writer must make sure that he presents it in such a manner that the reader is impressed. This para will introduce the topic briefly to the reader. It will explain the main terms and terminologies and let the reader know as to what the topic is all about.

2. The next para is the main body that will give the detailed discussion on the topic. Be sure to make the body interesting too. It should also be well organised, logically written with well placed examples.

3. The concluding para should tie up all the loose ends. Present a brief summary of the topic, briefly mention the most important points and give a strong concluding statement so that it has a long lasting effect on the reader.

4. Edit and proof read the essay. This is an important part of good essay writing. It will help you to submit an error free paper.

5. Write in simple language and with short sentences. Be logical while presenting your ideas and make it comprehensive. Above all strictly follow whatever instructions have been given in the test paper. Religiously follow the formatting pattern asked for, and stick to the word count. Do not overstep the word count limit and try to create new rules while giving the examination. Simply follow what ever the instructions say. Generally the word count limit is 200 for a GED essay. 210 words won’t matter too much. However 250 words will might create problems , similarly 150 words will also carry low marks.

Writing a GED essay is not a tough job. However the difficult part lies in writing the essay within a stipulated time, in the examination hall. Prepare yourself well before going for the test by reading various sample essays that prepare a student for the GED exams. Practice well before sitting for the final examinations. Practice writing essays, choosing from the commonly assigned GED essay topics, within the stipulated time frame, and within the 200 word count. If you practice well enough the test should be nothing, but a cakewalk for you.

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