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An animal essay on the pets we keep at home or those we see at the zoo would certainly bring back fond memories of our childhood. More often than not, a pet is brought home to offer company and amuse children. Slowly, their endearing nature makes them a part of our homes. Dogs, cats, and even leopards have been tamed. They have adjusted to the human way of living. Dog training has become part of rearing the pet. For those in the cities, it has become a daily routine to take them for a walk with a potty kit in hand. People have always tried to dominate the weaker species, but lack of space and encroachment into their natural habitat, the forests, have made animals seek out humans who could take care of them. Animal farm essays on the encroachment would reveal that many animal species have taken over the role of humans.
Dogs have always found a home near human habitats. There are hardly any wild dogs and most without a home have adjusted to the city streets. A research paper would testify that humans have always endeavored to do away with sickness, especially epidemics. Animals are one of the sources that spread diseases. Animal essays have been written in the past about plague, setting up alarm bells a long time ago. Rabies was next. Humans realized that animals could not be isolated from medical programs. Veterinary doctors came into existence, and treating animals for diseases became a science. Today, dogs and other pets have regular vaccinations, protein and calcium pills, ready packaged food, and their own corner in the house.
Humans depend on animals not just for amusement or company but also for food. From time immemorial, humans have been hunters. Scarcity of food probably made them carnivorous. The importance of animals in sustaining the human life cycle can best be understood by studying people living in remote places. The Eskimos live by the cold arctic seas and their very survival depends on their skills to catch fish and other marine life to survive. With sub zero temperatures quite common, people often connect their supply of food to divine intervention. The seas have provided sustenance but not without posing dangers to human life. Today, food comes to our tables through a well-knit system. Essay writing would establish that we have very little chance to appreciate the amount of work involved in getting out supply of food.
Though humans have kept their distance from animals in terms of making them equals, there have been several instances when boundaries have been broken. Humans have found themselves dependent on animals for their survival. Each animal has a role to play, and roles have been determined by humans. In certain cases, there has been an overlap. Animals have been found to play more active roles. They are now trained to carry out simple chores in the house, and help people be more mobile. Animals are adjusting to a changing world. It is time humans also realized their role to play in making this world a better place to live in. An animal essay on the bond that exists now and in the future should encourage us all.
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