A Range of Personal Essay Topics

A Range of Personal Essay Topics
A Range of Personal Essay Topics
Personal Essay Topics – Get, up close and personal with your reader

Writing a personal essay is a very easy task. It does not involve much research work or exploration to be done by the writer. However this essay as the very name suggests, entails that you know and describe yourself well. This essay type is very commonly used while writing for college admission essays, as it allows the reader to get a personal view and form an opinion of the unseen writer. If written well this essay can become a platform where you can voice your opinions, air your views and share your innermost thoughts without any reservations. In a personal essay you can write about yourself, you can present your likes and dislikes, your opinions your personal experiences, from everyday life. The introduction of the essay should be such that it raises the curiosity of the reader immediately and inspires him to read further. The rest of the essay should be conversational and easy flowing so that the person who is reading it feels that you are talking to him.What remains now, is to choose the perfect personal essay topic, that will catch the imagination of the reader and will attract him to read the written article.

Given below are some personal essay topics that you can choose to write from:

1. Describe yourself as a person, your virtues, vices, your ambitions, and write what change would you like to see in yourself, if given a choice to change.

2. Twenty years from now would you have the same perspective of life as you have now? elaborate on it.

3. Describe one person whom you think has hurt you so much that you can never forgive that person and narrate that incident.

4.Failures that have affected you and changed the course of your life forever.

5, Describe a mechanism or a process that have you applied to your life when faced with a particular problem, and explain how you used that process to solve the problem.

6.If given a chance, would you like to move back to your childhood or move towards the unknown future, from your present day state.

7. Do you believe in dreams? what do you dream of achieving one day? Does having impossible dreams make you unrealistic, or does it give your boundaries a little extra push, urging you to achieve more?

8. Describe one incident from your childhood which you regret doing and would like to make amends now.

9. Describe a person you would love to become or would you prefer to live as you are?

10.Everybody has some secret fear hidden inside. What is yours? Have you thought of any way which could help you to overcome the fear?

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